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Today, many pathways prepare us for a higher level. Yet we may not realize that beyond concepts and techniques there is a finer Attention, a sacred energy coming into us. Recognizing its touch takes us from self-awareness across the threshold into awakening.

Here, just to be ourselves, free, in this Attention.

The Next Attention


Notes on The Next Attention

An alpine village in the summer sunlight. Ninety strangers arrive from around the world, seekers on retreat, and hear, “The only discovery is this energy.”

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NEW!  Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace

“A welcome breath of fresh prana.” With unrelenting humor, Murphy uncovers a surprising truth about what is hidden from our everyday mind…

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Writing My Yoga


Writing My Yoga: Poems for Presence

Listening for a poem changes me internally. It is a yoga. This memoir of work with a spiritual teacher also includes steps for writing your own yoga poems…

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Lord Have Murphy

Amazon #1 Best Seller!


And just to make it fun, we brought along Murphy…. 

“Murphy here.  Seems daunting these days to speak about waking up.  But it should be possible.  We practice mindfulness.  We get the big ideas.  We are somewhat aware some of the time of some of our situation.  Bodies with spiritual natures; spiritual natures with bodies; beyond spirit and body.  No matter.  It’s not the thinking part that gets it anyway.  It’s something else, something that blazes up in collected moments.

We’ve read a lot of books by now, too.  Writing about the Mystery has its dangers, namely, “putting-one’s-hands-all-over-it.”  Also, “believing-in-the-one-who-thinks-he-knows.” Me, big-time. In the garden for a nanosecond and I become the Wikipedia of flora. But I can work with that.

How to clear the air?  To trust what’s in us and that we are finding our way to it….

Praise for Lord Have Murphy


Exquisitely conceived and executed, with marvelous drawings by Bruce M. Sherman. There is almost nothing more difficult than to open doors in the sleeping soul with humor, but Fran Shaw is a genuine master, and does it with grace.

“Every page contains a small shock, pleasurable, surprising and joyous. ‘God laughs and plays,’ said Meister Eckhart. To wake up into this singing, exuberant world, the first step is to laugh.

“Lord Have Murphy is a funny, punny, brilliantly attentive doorway into the incredible richness of real connection with higher self and the immense world around us, of which we normally see so little. This book is very special. It has a gentle, deeply spiritual touch that you reach through its humor and beauty. I have really never seen anything quite like it.

“An extraordinary door into attention.”

–Whitley Strieber, Radio Host and Author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller COMMUNION