10 Best Tips for Business Writers: The Least You Should Know To Write Like a Pro.  Thousands of men and women in corporations and colleges have profited from this powerful approach to great business writing. Ten tips and lots of interactive examples show you how to write clear and persuasive letters, emails, memos, proposals, reports, and more. The MBA Formula (main point, benefits, action) shows you how to organize documents instantly. Build your skills quickly, step by step. 45 minutes.

  • Create better documents in less time
  • Build competence and confidence
  • Persuade your reader to act right now
  • Use plain language and a cordial tone
  • Make the page look inviting and easy to read
  • Use lists and break up long paragraphs
  • Support your point with specifics
  • Start with your main point and end with a clear action step
  • Increase impact when you cut out extra words

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An easy-to-follow guide filled with steps, tips, and models for writing letters, memos, proposals, resumes, news releases, term papers, articles, stories, poems, and more. Upbeat, motivating, practical. An entire writer’s workshop in one handy volume, including writing free-flow, spotting common errors, and becoming your own best editor.  Read More…

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Fran Shaw is the co-author who created dozens of unique Writer’s Workshops featured in this comprehensive guide to effective and correct writing. Each workshop provides students with all they need to write: Situation, Audience, Topic, Purpose, Source Notes, and Steps. In six volumes, for grades 7-12. Read More…

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Corporate training videos for business writers (Better Letters and Memos, Vols. 1, 2, and 3) with Participant’s Workbook. This dynamic program provides a self-teaching, easy-to-use course to help employees, managers, and executives rapidly improve writing and sharpen their skills.  Read More…